This website and its entire contents are copyrighted. All images on the site are owned by İCraig Lovell / Eagle Visions Photography. If you are a registered user on the site you may download the mid-res images without a watermark and use them for Comps only. Any other usage including use on a website, power point presentations, all print media, fine art prints is prohibited until a usage fee has been agreed upon and paid in full. All images on the site are RIGHTS MANAGED and NOT ROYALTY FREE. Rights managed means image are sold on a per-usage basis and any delivered high-res file cannot be used for any other purpose than was has been negotiated for.


The Fine Art section of this website has a selection of over 300 images in 12 different portfolios. You can purchase either Black & White or color images on the site that come mounted and matted on 100% white rag board. All images are archival, signed by the artist and custom printed. You can pay for your fine art prints on line and your order will be shipped as soon as the images are ready. For more information check out the Artists Bio and Art Prices links in the Fine Art section.


Craig Lovell is a graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography and has over 25 years of experience doing both advertising and editorial assignments. There are 5 portfolios of his work in the Commercial section of this website. Subjects include Product, Food, People, Agriculture and Architecture. Please contact Craig by phone or email to discuss your project. The cost of the photography is estimated on a job-by-job basis.


Craig's stock photo library contains well over 100,000 images. The number of images on line is approximately 18,000 and will continue to grow as Craig produces more world-class photographs. To purchase a usage of an image go to the check out section, follow the instructions regarding a price request and email this to us. You can also just give us a call at (831) 659-4445. We will quickly get back to you with a price quote. High-res digital files of the image can be delivered via email, FTP, CD or DVD,


You may save images to a lightbox by clicking on the button under each image. These will be placed in a default lightbox for you. For full use of the lightbox features on the site you must register and be logged in. This will permanently save the default lightbox for you. You can also rename, empty or delete a lightbox by using the command buttons in the My Lightboxes section of the site. You can create and name as many lightboxes as you wish. Best of all you can send a lightbox of images to anyone you like with a personalized message.


  • Search by Category - This can be done from the Stock Photography Home Page or from anywhere within the Stock Photo section of the site by using the menu on the left of the screen. Subcategories are accessible using the pull down menu or by selecting a category and then a subcategory using the icon method.
  • Search by Keyword - This allows you to search by keyword and gives you various options. You can select to search within a category or the entire library. You may also choose to search for color only, B&W only, both color and B&W and for Model Released images only.
  • Advanced Search - This feature allows all of the above features and adds a few more. You can search within the File Name, Description or Keyword fields. By default all three are selected. There are also three different options you can select to searchithin the Keyword field.


You can search the images on the site to find Model Released only images. All Westerners in these images are model released. In most cases if you see a Westerner with an indigenous person, only the Westerner is model released. Please ask to verify if all people in the photograph are model released. The abbreviation MR next to a thumbnail indicates a model released image. The model released status of an image is also indicated in the enlarged view.


Fine Art Prints - The Fine Art section of the website is set up as a true e-commerce site. You can purchase prints on line, an email with your order is sent to us and we ship you the print as soon as it is ready. Stock Photography - Currently we work directly with our clients in negotiating a price and send high-res digital scans via email, FTP, CD or DVD. An invoice is sent and payment terms agreed upon. We are working on a price calculator and e-commerce capability so you will be able to purchase specific usage rights on line.