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Craig Lovell started Eagle Visions Photography upon his graduation from Brooks Institute of Photography in 1980, where he studied advertising photography and photojournalism. Craig also studied wildlife biology at Humboldt State University and applies this knowledge to create striking and insightful natural history images.


Craig runs his Commercial Photography Studio from Carmel Valley where he built a wonderful shooting space with high ceilings and a built in cove. Specialties include food, sculpture, products of all types, annual reports, architecture, agriculture, fashion and portraits. His ability to design and light finely crafted images has satisfied a wide variety of commercial clients.

This same illustrative ability is reflected in the commercial images he has produced for the stock photography market. "Advertising photography has always been a joy for me, providing the opportunity to work closely with both ad agencies & clients to help them market their goods and services. The creative challenge of making a marketing concept come to life in a visually effective way is always exciting." In the Commercial section of this site you may view 5 portfolios of Craig's work.


Craig maintains a well organized and captioned Stock Photography library of over 108,000 images. Digital files are available for either editorial or commercial projects on a Rights Managed basis. The library is diverse in nature with a strong emphasis on International & domestic travel, food, agriculture, wine country and people.

Eagle Visions can quickly deliver low-resolution digital images for review and can provide high-resolution digital files for final reproduction. An extensive searchable database of Craig's best photography is available on this website in the stock section. Images are searchable by keyword. You can also search for Model Released or Black and White photographs. More images will be posted on a regular basis as Craig continues to capture the world with his camera. Check out the What's New section for recently completed visual projects.


Please visit the Fine Art section to view the Craig's favorite Fine Art images in 12 different portfolios. You can purchase these or any image on the site through our e-commerce portal. You can learn more about Craig's history as a Fine Art photographer from the Artist Bio page. The Art Prices page has information about the type of printing, matting and sizes available.


Craig's book "Nepal the Himalayan Kingdom" was published by Tiger Press. Tidemark Press published the 2005 & 2006 "Himalayan Spirit Calendar" and John F Turner & Co. published a 2006 calendar of his work titled "Wineries". Craig markets his stock photo library worldwide and approximately 800 of his images are published annually. Craig has also published two lines of note cards (Sacred Light and Natural Light), which are for sale on a retail or wholesale basis.

Craig is available for slide presentations on various subjects and has produced a variety of programs on Tibet, Nepal, Ladakh and Rajasthan. Custom presentations can be produced on other subjects that he has strong coverage in such as Africa, Turkey, Guatemala, Peru and the Galapagos Islands. Recent expeditions to Patagonia, Mt. Kailash and Kham in Tibet, Pinnacate National Park & San Miguel de Allende in Mexico have enriched the library.


The digital world and cyberspace have revolutionized the photography industry. The learning curve has been intense but also quite exciting. Craig Lovell and the staff at Eagle Visions photography are constantly upgrading their knowledge and equipment to provide the best possible services and products for their clients.

Capabilities include making images using either film or digital capture. Craig can shoot either in the studio or on location. Complete in-house digital services are available including retouching and preparing files for reproduction or web use. Over 18,000 low-res digital files are in the database and high-res files can be scanned and delivered within 24 hours. Photo requests are delivered via the Internet usually within hours.

It is Craig's sincere intent that his photography be utilized in ways which help educate people and promote both environmental health and cultural understanding worldwide. When working with clients on commercial projects Craig provides creative and professional solutions at reasonable prices. He looks forward to working with you in the near future.

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